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About us

The website ‘’ is designed to be a marketplace for the sale of ancient masters’ works of art. In order to get to know the paintings ‘in person’, a gallery has been opened at the address: ‘Via Maggio 34R, Firenze, Italia’.

Besides museum-level paintings with attributions of well-known experts, our collection on the site contains a significant number of paintings that require further study and have a great potential. They can be of interest to professionals who form collections for museums and private collections. The main goal of our site is the concentration of high-quality museum-level paintings with a reasonable prices.

Florence is the capital of the Renaissance. Every art aficionado, somehow, passes through here. This is the reason why we chose this city to open our gallery in.


Our buyers and clients are mainly professionals, painting experts, collectors, museums, but also specialists who help assembling the collections. Renaissance paintings are counted among the most precious pieces of artwork of the world’s cultural heritage. Despite this, in the last five centuries, a large amount of high profile works of art has managed to disappear from the sight of art enthusiasts: the information regarding their origin has been lost, the paintings darkened and underwent improper restoration procedures. Our goal is locating these masterpieces and bring them back to life. For this reason, in addition to the sale of paintings, we help in the paintings’ restoration and attribution.